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Friday, February 17, 2012

What MUST YOU Posses in Selling

If you are engage in selling, you must have the eye of an eagle, you're friendly, have a good tone of voice, approachable, sensitive to given situation, and most of all adaptable to any situation. But it doesn't mean that if you don't have these traits and qualities, you're not in to selling, because all of these can be acquired and develop, as long as you're ready to learn and earn. Start looking for needs then provide it, be sincere and truth to every transaction, don't tell lies, speak of something that is attainable and never present impossible. Don't push client and customer to buy your product because you need money, but rather explain them their need of buying your product and services, and how essential it is to have it this time.

Let yourself control the conversation, that you must be ready with your outline to have successful presentation. Controlling the conversation doesn't mean you're the one to talk, but it means that you must be able divert and go back to where you want to discuss even the client will be keep on talking. Remember your purpose and fulfill it, you don't have to talk too much, you listen carefully and observe, go with what he
is talking, speak a little about it, but not too much if you're not particular with the topic.

Before going to your prospect, be sure to know something about him, his work, his business, and his hobbies. In the process of conversation, do not go directly to your purpose, ask permission and approval, take note of the approval signs, his smile, his focus to your subject, his nod, then if he is interested just continue.

If you feel that he is interested, then close the sale. But if he is not, don't insist, give him time, maybe he's not yet decided. You can ask permission for follow up visit. After your presentation, don't forget to say thank you, you must be tactful whatever is the result. Before you leave, you may ask some referrals, just ask for names, then later their address and contact numbers. After visiting his referrals, you may come back and tell him the results, this time he might get interested to buy from you. Selling needs much patience, that is why you must always ready, because selling is the most fulfilling job and career.

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